Celebrating the Divine Feminine in Every Woman

Our mission is to activate and illuminate our wild and brilliant potential within.

Fire of the Goddess Institute is a collaborative organization that provides retreats, ceremonies, events and workshops to make the sacred feminine accessible to our everyday life.  Our institute supports and shares women’s gifts, skills and talents by connecting women and building a co-creative support system. By integrating the passionate gifts of inspiring women teachers, healers, artists, and leaders  we bring together women of local communities which in turn encourages the continued global awakening of the divine feminine.

Tune into Pathways program to listen to Katalin Koda, founder of Fire of the Goddess Institute. Listen to my Pathways interview with Paul O’Brien.


Fire of the Goddess retreats are inspired by the book, Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine.  We seek to activate the powerful, loving and innate gifts of the divine feminine. Drawing upon ancient methods of Yoga and shamanism, exploring mythology and women’s mysteries, and creating powerful ceremonies we provide the space and tools to celebrate the divine feminine, activate our passion and create a life of joy and authenticity.

Find out more…

~illuminate your heart’s desire

~reclaim the inner soul spark of power, love and wisdom

~remember ancient her~story and women’s mysteries

~activate your gifts to connect more deeply with your community

Thank you again for a wonderful retreat!  I walked away with so many gifts.  I look forward to sharing them with others. ~Lynda Mueller

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Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine Book Cover “When we as both women and men tap into the power, love, and wisdom on our earth and reflected in our bodies, we are able to heal and transform, understand our life purpose, and create connection in our communities.” ~Katalin Koda, author of Fire of the Goddess