Healing Waters, Mami Wata

This summer I have been tuning in deeply with the bountiful beauty of water and all its forms. Water is a precious source of life and I'm remembering to connect with beauty of its simplicity. Especially in these times when much of our water is toxic and filled with chemicals, it is important to remind ourselves that this diminishing necessary vital life force is sacred. Indigenous cultures give thanks to water with such reverence and joy, connecting us back to the waters of being in our mother's womb and the primordial force of our evolution that emerged from the sea waters. Creating our own water ceremony is way to connect back to the healing presence of water in our daily lives.   In honoring and celebrating the waters, I am inspired by Mami Wata, the wild, mysterious water spirit who inhabits oceans, lakes, rivers and streams in a myriad of forms. She has ancient feminine roots from Africa to India to Brazil and yet comes in clothed in contemporary beauty of popular African art forms, sometimes white, sometimes black; sometimes male, often female; sometimes of the huge ocean waters, sometimes of the smaller tiny streams and everything in between. Her form is transracial, transgendered, transcontinental as she swims through the waters of our world reminding us to open the loving healing grace that endlessly supports us.   This summer I told the story of Mami Wata several times. I told the story to my daughter, to my niece and nephew, to sisters in Fire of the Goddess water ceremony, to friends and my beloved.  Each time was beautiful and magical, however the most profound moment was on a small beach in Providence, Rhode Island.  We made our flower offerings [...]

Shiva : The Dance of Transformation

As the tender to the Fire of the Goddess usually my posts revolve around the divine feminine, however this time I have decided to write about a God, Shiva.  He has been dancing through my mind lately, as the god of creation and destruction, smeared with ashes, naked and wildly jubilant in the recent and continuous (sigh) destruction of ego. Last summer, during my impending  separation from a thirteen year relationship,  I went to the beach for several days to feel into the entire situation.  The massive voice in my heart, the one that resounds knowingly in spite of what chaos may ensue boomed, "Let go...let go...let go..." and so those days on the beach, I came to clarity.  It was time to let go and move on.  Almost as soon as I made that decision, my camera fell into the sand and began acting strangely.  It still worked, but it wouldn't zoom in and out and refused any manual settings.  So I pretty much stopped taking pictures with it. Many moons passed, waxing and waning as they do and I created so many ceremonies of letting go, clearing as well as stepping more firmly into my own inner growth of love, power and wisdom that follows a separation.   I did one final massive fire ceremony and burned a great many papers of the past, old research, documents that had connected us in the past; it was time to let it all go.  There were so many papers that the fire went on for hours, burning and clearing. The following morning a few of my self marriage vows had escaped the flames and floated around the now huge pile of ashes.  One that floated out over and over [...]

New Moon, New Year 2014

Welcoming in a New Year as the New Moon passes through the turning feels especially divine and auspicious.  This past year has seen a great many changes both personally and collectively. Fire of the Goddess is ready to take our next leap into offering the tools and resources to ignite the flame of passion and change in our hearts as we ring in 2014. This particular New Year, we witness a New Moon.  In the ancient Goddess traditions which honor the divine feminine, the New Moon is a time to let go of the old, shedding our skins, burning up what no longer serves us to make way for the new. The Fire of the Goddess is the active creative power that resides within the divine feminine.  Fire is symbolic of spirit and light embodied and contains within its essence the power to transmute, transform, to burn away the old and make room for the new.  As I prepare to make ceremony and connect with my loving community on the Big Island of Hawaii, I also sit in remembrance of what it means to honor the fire, light and dance of the Fire of the Goddess.  That by celebrating the divine feminine is the work of the Fire of the Goddess, to reclaim our right to view the feminine as sacred.  The New Year is also the time to gather with friends and family, to set intention and clarify once again what is most important to our hearts and life journeys.  As we bring in 2014, we can each ask ourselves what is it the sacred fire that burns in our own hearts?  What will we do this year to benefit others?  It is my prayer that we [...]