Shiva : The Dance of Transformation

As the tender to the Fire of the Goddess usually my posts revolve around the divine feminine, however this time I have decided to write about a God, Shiva.  He has been dancing through my mind lately, as the god of creation and destruction, smeared with ashes, naked and wildly jubilant in the recent and continuous (sigh) destruction of ego. Last summer, during my impending  separation from a thirteen year relationship,  I went to the beach for several days to feel into the entire situation.  The massive voice in my heart, the one that resounds knowingly in spite of what chaos may ensue boomed, "Let go...let go...let go..." and so those days on the beach, I came to clarity.  It was time to let go and move on.  Almost as soon as I made that decision, my camera fell into the sand and began acting strangely.  It still worked, but it wouldn't zoom in and out and refused any manual settings.  So I pretty much stopped taking pictures with it. Many moons passed, waxing and waning as they do and I created so many ceremonies of letting go, clearing as well as stepping more firmly into my own inner growth of love, power and wisdom that follows a separation.   I did one final massive fire ceremony and burned a great many papers of the past, old research, documents that had connected us in the past; it was time to let it all go.  There were so many papers that the fire went on for hours, burning and clearing. The following morning a few of my self marriage vows had escaped the flames and floated around the now huge pile of ashes.  One that floated out over and over [...]

Pele’s Pa’oa: The Power of the Fire Stick

For the inhabitants of the Big Island, hardly a week passes without mention of Pele, this island’s personal goddess of the Kilauea volcano and fiery keeper of the lands in Puna and Ka’u district. Mysterious, exciting, passionate and powerful stories abound describing Pele, known as the goddess of fire and lava, She-Who-Shapes-the-Sacred-Land in ancient Hawaiian chants. Her legends tell the epic stories of her beloved family and sisters such as Hi’iaka, the goddess of healing and her countless lovers, many of which met a fiery and desolate end in her lava fields. Contemporary legends speak of an old woman smoking on the side of the road or a young woman in a white dress, both looking for rides, both known to lash out in fury if passed by or rejected. She inspires artists, writers, storytellers and musicians with her power, her fury, her irresistible beauty. She is a goddess who rages and delights in her island land and is beloved by many on Big Island. Knowing that her wrath could strike at any moment in eruptive force, keeps locals and tourists alike in awe and reverence for her immense power. Pele is one of many gods and goddesses found within Hawaiian mythology, story, hula, chant and prayers. However, she is unique to the Big Island because she dwells here, both destroying and creating new land continuously. She is believed to live at Hale Ma’uma’u on the volcano of Kilauea using her famous digging stick known in Hawaiian as o’o or pa’oa to churn up the molten lava from the depths of the earth. Halema’uma’u is named for the Ama’uma’u ferns found within the crater. Pele’s lava handiwork is seen throughout the island in the sharp [...]


This piece began as a vision of walking with brilliant red cloth across the desolate landscapes of the wild craters of Kilauea, to both celebrate and honor the element of Fire.  In this short video, I seek to embody the creative, divine spark that activates our spirits, illuminating our sacred fire within.  Exploring the power of fire as transformation, power, and a healing force, I move through Kilauea Iki on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This crater lays next to the churning caldera, Hale Ma'uma'u, home to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and lava.  Dancing openly through Pele's handiwork of destruction and creation, I pay my respect to the lehua blossoms, flowers of the first ohia trees, and offer my humble chant to honor the spirit of Fire and receive the sacred messages that Pele has to offer. The Fire of the Goddess is the divine creative spark that resides within us and speaks to us from the depths of our souls.