Many years ago I had a reading with a Babalau who told me that I had a strong connection to Oshun, the river goddess of love and one of the Orishas from the African Yoruba tradition. Throughout my life path, I have encountered the Orishas through friends and in dreams. The Orishas are spirits or deities connected to specific natural energies who are akin to vast archetypical knowledge held by the wisdom of places on earth. I relate to Orishas in a similar way to my deity work in Tibetan Buddhism, as bridges to the divine with helpful methods to work with our daily life. Although I have never been initiated, I love the passion and beauty and also the precision and clarity from such a strong tradition found in the Yoruba system. When I wrote about Mami Wata in Fire of the Goddess, I discovered connections between her and the Orisha goddess of the sea, Yemaya who is like a sister to Oshun. This week Oshun has swum back into my awareness, she who is the beautiful loving goddess of the rivers.  Oshun is the orisha of love, beauty, femininity and sensuality which leads many people to compare her to Venus or Aphrodite. Living in Portland now, a place that is essentially surrounded by rivers, Oshun is wonderful way to connect with the earth. Oshun, as beautiful, sensuous and loving as she is, often times she faced dark and troublesome times as well, like we all do. In one myth, she sees the Orishas are having a difficult time and feels she must fly to Olofi, the orisha of the skies, to talk to him about this problem. Taking the form of a peacock she begins her flight. [...]