Life spins, it whirls, it wanders, constantly changing and transforming.  How do we deal with the intensity of emotional storms? How can we better surf the oncoming waves of change rather than be pummeled by them?  What inspirations might show us an alternative to freaking out and running amuck? When chaos reigns I turn to my trusty healer's toolbox to assist me along the way.  Although I found relief in meditation and Reiki self-healing over the course of the last week, it was tools from my work with the divine feminine that helped the most: the power of myth and story. Myths are epic stories that hold keys in the form of archetypes to aid us in understanding the bigger,more powerful events of our own lives. ~Fire of the Goddess These past weeks, it is the story of Gyhldeptis, a goddess that I found in The Goddess Oracle Cards not only inspired me as a story, it moved me to take action.  Gyhldeptis is a Native American goddess of the Haida and Tlingit tribes of Alaska and Canada.  Her name means "Lady Hanging Hair" representing the long moss hanging from the cedar trees along the coasts.  As a protector spirit of the forest and its inhabitants, she is associated with the creatures, trees and the beautiful moss that hangs like hair reminding us of gentleness and soft calm even in times of trouble. In one of the myths of Gyhldeptis, a wild whirlpool named Kaegyihl Depgeesk, "upside down place," is wreaking havoc along the coastlines, devouring ships (relationships?) and the land.  Gyhldeptis sees this energy and knows it is extremely out of balance, yet she cannot fix it alone.  She decides to ask for help from the  elemental [...]