As the tender to the Fire of the Goddess usually my posts revolve around the divine feminine, however this time I have decided to write about a God, Shiva.  He has been dancing through my mind lately, as the god of creation and destruction, smeared with ashes, naked and wildly jubilant in the recent and continuous (sigh) destruction of ego. Last summer, during my impending  separation from a thirteen year relationship,  I went to the beach for several days to feel into the entire situation.  The massive voice in my heart, the one that resounds knowingly in spite of what chaos may ensue boomed, "Let go...let go...let go..." and so those days on the beach, I came to clarity.  It was time to let go and move on.  Almost as soon as I made that decision, my camera fell into the sand and began acting strangely.  It still worked, but it wouldn't zoom in and out and refused any manual settings.  So I pretty much stopped taking pictures with it. Many moons passed, waxing and waning as they do and I created so many ceremonies of letting go, clearing as well as stepping more firmly into my own inner growth of love, power and wisdom that follows a separation.   I did one final massive fire ceremony and burned a great many papers of the past, old research, documents that had connected us in the past; it was time to let it all go.  There were so many papers that the fire went on for hours, burning and clearing. The following morning a few of my self marriage vows had escaped the flames and floated around the now huge pile of ashes.  One that floated out over and over [...]