Who We Are

Katalin KodaKatalin Koda is the founder of Fire of the Goddess Institute and a passionate explorer of earth stories, women’s mysteries and the mythic expression of our world.  She is an author, shamanic healer, intuitive, ceremonialist, poet, artist and mother. Katalin facilitates the Fire of the Goddess Retreats which explore and celebrate the power, love and wisdom of the divine feminine. Based on her book Fire of the Goddess: Nine Paths to Ignite the Sacred Feminine, she aims to make the divine feminine accessible to women and men of all walks of life. Katalin has been studying and working with women's stories, mythology, rites and mysteries for more than seventeen years. Using the shamanic arts of body and breath awareness, Goddess mythology, sacred ceremony, and archetypes Katalin provides a clear method for retreat participants to find a deeper connection to inner love, authentic power and insightful wisdom. Connect with Katalin at  
Kelley Linn Bio PicKelley Linn is the co-facilitator and movement teacher for Fire of the Goddess retreats.  She is a lover, student and practitioner of Tantra yoga.  It is the philosophy that informs her teaching, writing, and everyday living.  Using myth and storytelling, Kelley brings deep meaning and passion to the practice of Hatha yoga. She is most fired up when weaving the power of Shakti energy and the sacred feminine into her life and offerings. Kelley is the founder of Awakening the Divine Feminine. She leads retreats in auspicious locations that incorporate Tantra yoga, sacred movement, Goddess mythology, shamanism and ritual ceremony. Connect with Kelley at
Kumu Ehulani StephanyKumu Ehulani Stephany, masterful Hula teacher of the Big Island joins each Fire of the Goddess Retreat to offer her profound wisdom and grace.  Known as the voice of Pele, Kumu Ehulani is the teacher of the Halau Hula (Hula School) ka Makani Hali 'Alo o Puna (The Returning Fragrant Wind Of Puna).  Since receiving the blessing to study under fourteen different kumu hula (hula teachers), Ehulani has been teaching hula since 1990.  She has masterfully developed her own unique style of hula by combining the different styles, mana'o (thoughts),  information, protocol, and the profound depth of the sacred arts of hula that she received from her teachers.  She is also a ali'i kahuna nui (high priestess) and works tirelessly to reclaim the kahiko (ancient) sacred arts of hula, oli (chant), mele (song) and ceremony. Ehulani invokes the true feeling and meaning of ALOHA and spending time with her leaves a deep impression on all who attend Fire of the Goddess Retreats. Connect with Kumu Ehulani Stephany at
Bio PicMolly Irene is a healer, yoga instructor, photographer, wellness concierge, and tender of The Fire of the Goddess. She weaves her many gifts into the great gift of service to the empowerment of the divine feminine. Also an avid student of Tantra yoga, she embraces the embodiment of the Dakini through the fiery path of the Goddess. Molly has taught alignment-based yoga and vinyasa flow for over 5 years, and currently teaches on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her classes are deeply rooted and blissfully expansive, incorporating a range of yoga stales. Molly believes that as we awaken our true nature through yoga, we ignite the power within to heal ourselves and our mother earth. She connects retreat participants to the 'Aina (that which gives) through her role as wellness concierge. Molly finds great joy in connecting the group to the local ecology through knowledge, self-care, sourcing organic foods and healing Hawaiian plants. She ensures a safe, supported, and nourishing experience by attending to the needs of the group and each individual. Connect with Molly Irene at